Undead Presidents Lore

The Undead Presidents NFT collection, is an inspired and ghoulish interpretation of modern American political leaders as seen through the eyes of an emerging artist from the developing world.

10% of all proceeds will automatically go to our charity partner Watsi to fund healthcare for people around the world!

Trump Obama Landing Image

Minting Info

Total Mint: 3,000 unique & rare pieces
Price: .08 ETH plus gas
Charity Split: 10%
Reserved: 150 for team, charity and marketing
Charity Partner: Watsi
Main Sale: October 28th, 2021 (10:00 PM EST)

-Automatic white listing for next NFT drop.
-Listing on Founders Wall.
-Access to private Krappy Community area.
-25 holders will win free NFTs on the next drop.
-Holders get to select the next charity partner.

Charity Partner: Watsi

We believe in giving back! That’s why 10% of all proceeds from the Undead Presidents NFT art collection will go directly to our charity partner Watsi to help fund healthcare for people around the world!

This is not simply a milestone driven donation contingent upon the number of NFTs sold. Watsi’s public ETH wallet address (0xb4ce79c7592f53505d551cB57439Fc16a9e0eF5C) is hard coded into the Undead Presidents Ethereum contract, so they will receive 10% of each and every sale, beginning with the first minted Undead Presidents NFT.  They will also receive four reserved Undead Presidents NFTs.

Watsi is a tech non-profit that enables anyone to directly fund surgery for people around the world. Watsi works directly with local medical partners to create sustainable, locally led programs. 

Watsi supports patients through the lens of local knowledge and expertise, creating healthier lives, thriving communities, and strengthened health systems. Watsi was also the first non-profit funded by the startup accelerator Y CombinatorWatsi is a 501(c)(3) non-profit (EIN: 45-3236734) tax deductible charity in the United States.

Undead Presidents Rarity

The Undead Presidents NFT art collection has some of the most rare features of any NFT art collection available. All Undead Presidents are unique, some features will show up only a handful of times and a few features are more common. When all Undead Presidents are minted, there will be a strict limited supply of 3,000 Undead Presidents in the collection. 

Background Orange


Several unique Undead Presidents background colors will set the landscape for our work.


Artistic and ghoulish interpretations of Presidents serving from 1993 to 2021. Think Mummy, Vampire, Zombie and Werewolf.



Unique attributes will add additional character to the look of our presidents. Attributes include blood, spider, bites, gashes and more.



Undead Presidents Clothing includes articles like suits, ties, Hawaiian Shirt and BDUs.

Cowboy Hat


Awesome accessories include items like a Cowboy Hat, a Red Trucker hat and even a Cigar!



Art Director

Artist, Entrepreneur, Producer, Actor & Welder.


Executive producer

Entrepreneur, Traveler, Knowledge Seeker, Veteran.



Inspired Artist.

Eclipse of Sin

Software Engineer

Maker of all the code.